High Holidays


Info about High Holiday Services for 2022 - 5783 

Chabad of the Loop and Gold Coast invites you to join us for
High Holiday services at the Claridge Hotel FREE of charge!

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High Holiday Schedule 2022 - 5783:

Rosh Hashana:
Clardige Hotel

Sunday Evening September 25  
6:23pm: Candle Lighting
6:30pm: Mincha
7:00pm: Rosh Hashana Service 

Monday September 26
9:00am: Morning Service
11:30am: Shofar blowing
5:45pm: Mincha followed by Tashlich and evening Services
Light candles after: 7:22pm

Tuesday September 27  
9:00am: Morning Service
11:30am: Shofar blowing
6:30pm: Mincha followed by evening Services
7:20pm: Yom Tov Ends

HERE to RSVP for Rosh Hashana Services

Yom Kippur:
Claridge Hotel

Tuesday Evening, October 4
6:07pm: Candle Lighting 

6:23pm: Fast begins
6:45pm: Kol Nidrei Services 

Wednesday October 5 
9:30am: Morning Services
12:00pm: Yizkor
4:30pm: Mincha
5:30pm: Neila
7:07pm: Fast ends

Due to COVID limitations the Chabad House will not be hosting any meals over the High Holidays this year.

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For more information please e-mail us at [email protected]
or call at 312.388.7701

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