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Sukkot Schedule 5779/2018

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Sukkot Part One, September 23 - September 25

Sunday, September 23 :
6:26pm: Candle Lighting
6:30pm: Mincha followed by Maariv
Monday, September24 :
10:00am: Shachris
6:30pm: Mincha
7:25pm: Candle Lighting

Tuesday, September 25 :
10:00am: Shachris
6:30pm: Mincha
7:24pm: Yom Tov Ends

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riday, September 28 :
6:17pm: Candle Lighting
6:30pm: Mincha, followed by Kabbalas  Shabbos

Shabbat, September 29:
9:30am: Shachris
6:20pm: Mincha 
7:17pm: Maariv, Shabbats Ends  


  Sukkot Part Two, September 30 - October 2 : 

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Schedule for Shmini Atzeres & Simchas Torah 

Sunday, September 30 (Shemini Atzeres):
6:14pm: Candle lighting
6:20pm: Mincha followed by Maariv
7:00pm: Kiddush & meal in the Sukkah, followed by first Hakafos, Dancing with the Torah

Monday, October 1, Hakafos, Dancing with the Torah 
10:00am: Shachris
11:30am: Yizkor
7:13pm: Candle Lighting
7:00pm: Maariv followed by Kiddush and main Hakafos, Dancing in the streets with the Torah 

Tuesday, September 30 (Simchas Torah Day):
10:00am: Shachris 
11:00am: Kiddush and Hakafos
12:00pm: Torah Reading 
1:30pm: Musaf
7:12pm: Yom Tov Ends  

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