Purim Schedule 2023

All Megillah readings will take place at the Chabad House, 1236 N Dearborn St.

Friday Erev Shabbat, March 3rd
5:22pm - Candle lighting
5:30pm - Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday Shabbat Day, March 4th
10:00am - Shacharit, Parsha Zachor
6:26pm - Shabbat ends

Monday, March 6th, Purim Eve
4:53am - Fast of Esther begins, ends at 6:16 pm
6:30am - Shacharit and Slichot, Machatzit Hashekel
5:45pm - Mincha for Taanit
6:10pm - Maariv & Megillah reading
6:16pm - Fast ends
9:00 pm - Second Megillah reading 

Tuesday, March 7th, Purim Day
6:30 am - Shachrit, Torah, Megillah Reading  
2:00 pm - Second Megillah reading
5:20 pm - Last chance Megillah reading followed by Purim Party

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