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"Education must put greater emphasis on the promotion of fundamental human rights and obligations of justice and morality, which are the basis of any human society" 
                                            - The Lubavitcher Rebbe 

Weekday Services at the Chabad House,
1236 N Dearborn

Monday & Thursday:

- 7:00am

Click HERE for Shabbat Services

*For more info please call: 312.388.7701

Classes Open to All :

  • Sunday 9:00 am - 
    Unraveling the Layers in the Weekly Torah Portion 
  • Monday - Friday 7:15 am -
    Life Lessons from the Weekly Torah Portion
  • Tuesday 8:00 pm -
    Kabbalah: Ancient Wisdom Applied
  • Friday Evening (before Kabbalat Shabbat) -
    Shifting into Shabbat
  • Shabbat 9 AM - 
    Learn to Meditate the Jewish Way

    Classes taught by Rabbi Meir Chai


Women's Classes

  • Tuesday 10:00 am - 
    Parsha with Commentaries
  • Rosh Chodesh Gathering -
    Welcoming the New Month   

    Classes taught by Rebbetzin Rivka 

    *All classes are located at 1236 N. Dearborn Pkwy

Individual classes are available upon request
Please call 312.664.7770

One-on-One Study