WE PROVIDE TOOLS Gears (animated)
Gears (animated)FOR JEWISH LIVING 



Chabad provides:

  • Classes, group and private instruction covering the entire scope of Jewish learning. 
  • Students with access to the inner meaning of Jewish laws and tradition, as well as practical instruction for everyday life.
  • One-on-one study sessions

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  • Chabad sponsors the complete cycle of the Jewish year, with Shabbat meals and services every Friday night and Saturday afternoon. 
  • All are welcome to participate in the Shabbat activities as Chabad hosts guests from the existing community and numerous travelers and convention-goers.


The Rabbi and Rebbetzin are well known as spiritual and practical counselors to many.  All manners of life's challenges are subject to their capable guidance.  Individuals, couples, family and friends are all received in a private reassuring environment.

*Please call for a private session 312.427.7770


"Chabad is an outreach, service organization rather than just a religious organization.  It uses the revealed and esoteric parts of the Torah as tools to help people grow in both their spiritual and personal lives."

- Rabbi Meir Chai Benhiyoun