"A single person performing a single mitzvah could be the deed that tips the scale and brings redemption to the entire world and all of creation"  
                                        -The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Shabbat Candles
 Candles and Globe (small)
Women and girls (ages 3 and up) are encouraged to light candles every Friday afternoon, 18 minutes before sunset, in honor of the Shabbat, and before festivals.


tefillinMen (ages 13 and up) are encouraged to lay Tefillin every morning except Shabbat and festivals. Tefillin are black leather boxes containing small parchment scrolls of selected portions from the Torah, in which the fundamentals of the Jewish faith are inscribed.

Mezuzah 3 (small)Every Jewish home should have a mezuzah applied to its doorposts. The mezuzah contains the first paragraph of Shema and is a sign of G‑d's protection and sanctification of the home. 

torah.jpgStudy at least one portion of Torah every day. Even just a few lines contain the infinite wisdom and will of G‑d.


When you give to the needy, you are serving as G‑d's emissary to provide for His creatures.  Having a charity box and contributing daily will teach you and your children the noble value of regular giving.

A house filled with holy books

BookshelfFurnish your home with as many holy books as possible. At the very least, get a hold of a Chumash (Bible), Psalms, and a Prayer Book.



matzo-ball-soup.jpgEating is one of the basics of life. For a healthy and sound soul, eat only kosher foods, for when you eat differently, your Judaism is not just metaphysical, but part and parcel of your very being. 

Love your fellow

Goals"Love your fellow as yourself," said the great Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva, it's a most basic principle in the Torah. Reaching out to your fellow Jew with patience, love, and unity is among the greatest mitzvot one can do.


Flash Photo 2Every Jewish boy and girl should receive a Jewish education. Teach your children everything you know about your faith. Provide them with a quality Jewish education - you will be ensuring Jewish integrity, Jewish identity and the future of a Jewish nation.

Family Purity  

MikvahObservance of the Jewish marital laws allows you to make the most of your marriage, bringing you and your spouse to new, undiscovered depths of intimacy and sanctity in your relationship.

Sefer Torah

Gallery: Sefer Torah Dedication

The last commandment of the Torah is to write ones own Sefer Torah. Today this is commonly done through buying a portion, chapter, or even a letter in a joint Sefer Torah. 

Study of the Rambam

rambam laam.jpg

Learning three chapters a day from Mishneh Torah - the code of laws compiled by the Rambam (Maimonides). Those unable to master all three chapters can limit themselves to one, or study the shorter Book of the Commandments by the Ram­bam.

The Seven Noachide Laws


All 70 nations should observe the 7 Noachide laws in order to bring about peace, unity among all nations, respect for all humanity and for an appreciation of a universal G‑d. 



Beis Hamikdosh

The Worldwide Moshiach Campaign began as a means to heighten the awareness of Moshiach’s imminent arrival and redemption. The coming of Moshiach is best achieved through increasing acts of goodness and kindness. There is also great importance for every Jew to learn about Moshiach and the redemption, and to yearn for his coming.